General terms and conditions

Subject and application of the GTC

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the relationship between the sole proprietorship Bülowius Dining and its customers.

Fiduciary duty / privacy

Bulowius Dining will safeguard the interests of its clients to the best of its ability and is committed to proceeding in a diligent and professional manner in the execution of the order. The Chatham House Rule applies to all employees of Bülowius Dining.

Infrastructure of the customer / place of execution

Bülowius Dining works according to the HACCP concept of gastronomy, which ensures cleanliness and order in the workplace and strictly adheres to any hygiene regulations on the subject of cold chains, cleaning of work materials, etc.. Bülowius Dining is committed to leave the private premises of its customers in a clean and orderly condition.


Please inform us in advance about allergies or intolerances of the guests to certain foods, so that we can adjust the preparation of the dishes accordingly or alternatively suggest other dishes. Bülowius Dining assumes no liability for reactions to food allergies and other physical reactions to all foods and beverages used. All employees are required to provide a negative Corona quick test immediately prior to each service.

Terms of payment / contract

For private or business events, the deposit agreed in the offer is due on the agreed date. The contract becomes valid with the written or verbal reconfirmation of the customer. We reserve the right to withdraw from an offer without compensation as long as no confirmation has been received or no payment of the deposit has been made in due time.

Number of participants

A change in the number of participants must be communicated in writing no later than 3 working days before the event.

Cancellation conditions

The customer/client can cancel the contract in writing up to 14 days before the event or the start of the agreed service. Should the order be cancelled within this period, Bülowius Dining reserves the right to invoice the agreed invoice amount in full. Costs for the fixed reservation of event locations/cooking studios, purchases and travel costs incurred by Bülowius Dining due to the customer's booking will be charged in full to the customer in the event of rebooking/cancellation or deducted from the deposit.

Shortcoming / Breakage

Bülowius Dining assumes no liability for lost or damaged objects of third parties.


If the staff of Bulowius Dining is not able to keep the appointment due to serious reasons (accident/health/force majeure, etc.), the customer will be fully refunded the deposit.